This week, our state was confronted with another summer bushfire. With last year’s bushfires still fresh in our minds, the Cherry Gardens bushfire made us hold a collective breath.

Thankfully, the fires were controlled with a huge effort from emergency services and volunteers, as well as much needed heavy rain. No lives were lost in these fires, though some homes and buildings were destroyed as well as around 3,000 hectares of scrub and grassland, critical habitat for our precious wildlife.

As with the Kangaroo Island bushfires, a planned and methodical environmental restoration at a landscape-scale will be required to give our native species a chance to survive and thrive again.

And you can help. The Wildlife Recovery Fund was established as a partnership between National Parks and Wildlife Service and Nature Foundation SA to directly fund local landholders, Landcare, Friends and community groups in fire affected regions to undertake native plantings, feral animal and weed control, and fencing – this will give both threatened animal and plant life the best chance of recovery.