Apply for a Group Membership

If your group wishes to join Friends of Parks SA, they simply need to send an email to the President, Friends of Parks Inc., Mr Duncan MacKenzie OAM (via the Secretary), outlining a few details about your group e.g. what it does, how many members, that it has read the Friends of Parks Inc. Constitution, and supports Friends of Parks Inc.’s objectives, etc. and seek membership. 

You would also need the name of the person who would be willing to be the contact person to receive emails from Friends of Parks Inc. 

The benefits of joining

Joining Friends of Parks SA has many benefits, and has a very simple application process. Take a look at the document below that outlines the many benefits to your group plus more information about becoming a member.

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Next steps

The application then goes to the next Board meeting for voting  –  full or affiliated membership.  Full membership is $10 per year, affiliate is $15 per year.  Both classes get the same information, but the full members have five (5) votes at the AGM, whereas affiliates have one (1) vote.

You would also need the name of the person who would be willing to be the contact person to receive emails from Friends of Parks Inc. If the group has a DEW staff liaison person, the name of that person should be included in the application.

Friends of Parks Inc. Board meetings are currently held on the first Thursday of every second month – February, April, June, August, October, and December.  Applications should be forwarded at least a week prior to the meeting for circulation to Board members.

It isn’t necessary for a group to hold formal meetings or AGM’s or even have formal office bearers. As long as the group agrees to abide by the Friends of Parks constitution and has a contact person for the group for regular communication, then they are able to apply for membership – it is that straightforward.

More information

For more information, please contact the Secretary, Pam Smith, on 8124 4784, or via email: