Courtney Heinjus asks iif any volunteers would like to be involved in the giant koala count happening in Belair on both Saturday 29th of May and Sunday 30th May. See below:

Some researchers from Flinders University are undertaking some research methodology on koalas in Belair National Park. Their aim is more about the effectiveness of each method but the count will create some great data on the actual number of koalas within the park.

They’re undertaking the count on  Saturday 29th and Sunday the 30th of May from roughly 9-5pm. They’re aiming to cover most of the park working on 5 ha blocks for each survey as part of the methodology. You will work in teams of 2 to do the count but will receive training first.

Due to the large area they want to cover, we’re looking for as many volunteers who are keen as possible. There is a decent amount of walking involved but we will try and direct the younger, fitter ones to the steeper areas. Don’t feel like you need to commit to the entire day either. There will be a BBQ on one of the days.

So if you’re keen to get involved or can think of anyone, even people not in your groups to get involved, please send this their way. It’s pretty nice walking through the park and looking at furry things!

Just a side note- I will ban walking through certain areas but it is only 2 people per 5ha so I’m not particularly worried about trampling. If you’ve got any major concerns please let me know.


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