A total of $1 million in funding is available in round two and applicants can apply for a grant between $2000 and $150,000 to help create a cooler, greener, wilder and more climate-resilient metropolitan South Australia. Funding applies only to the Green Adelaide region.

Funding could be used to kick-start a new project, or build on an existing one with activities such as plantings, nature education, citizen science, weed and pest control, fencing, and erosion management and community engagement.

How to apply?

Refer to the Grant Guidelines to learn more about the objectives, eligibility criteria, suitable projects, levels of funding and application tips.

To help you plan ahead, you can download a word version of the application form to draft your responses offline.

Once you’ve filled it out, you will need to copy your information over to the online Grants Management System to complete your application.

Applications must be submitted via the Grants Management System. For tips on using this system, view this guide.