Per hectare, seagrasses can store up to twice as much carbon than terrestrial forests and play an important role in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. There are potential long term blue carbon opportunities in seagrass restoration.

DEW’s Blue Carbon Strategy for South Australia, released in November 2019, is accelerating action to protect and restore coastal ecosystems. Blue carbon reduces greenhouse gas emissions and facilitates social, economic and environmental co-benefits along the coast.

In collaboration with Flinders University and the South Australian Research and Development Institute, DEW is making progress to restore seagrass meadows off the Adelaide coast.

Work is currently underway to deploy some 50,000 hessian bags of sand into the ocean of the South Australian coastline to restore around 10 hectares of seagrass on the ocean floor.

For more information contact Director Climate Change, Coasts and Marine Neil McFarlane.