Pest animals like rabbits, foxes and deer have unfortunately become a normal part of life across metro SA and the urban fringes. Read on to find out how to help manage their impact.

We may not be able to eliminate all pest animals so instead, we prioritise which ones to manage to help look after native wildlife, pets, livestock, plants and crops. And we also need to stop new pests from establishing.

What makes an animal a pest?

There are two key elements that make an animal a pest, they are:

  1. introduced to an area where they don’t naturally occur – either accidentally or deliberately
  2. wreaking havoc on the environment, agriculture and/or pets.


What are the impacts of pest animals?

Some impacts of pest animals include:

    • kill pet chickens and livestock (foxes)
    • eat native animals (foxes, feral cats)
    • destroy native vegetation, damage crops and cause soil erosion (rabbits, deer)
    • can transmit diseases to native wildlife and livestock (feral cats, foxes)
    • compete with native animals and stock for food (feral goats)
    • pose a threat to public safety on the roads (deer).