Friends of Parks SA Inc. Board role advocacy

The dictionary’s definition of “Advocacy’ is “…an activity by an individual or group which aims to influence decisions within political, economic, and social systems and institutions…”. 

The Friends of Parks Inc. Board agreed to adopt a formal advocacy role with regards to providing additional support to regional Friends of Parks groups. While it had been doing this informally off and on over the years, as part of expanding the Board’s role and business, it was thought a more formal documented arrangement was required, especially in this day and age of increasing demands and pressure on our States parks and reserves. 

Advocacy within this context then, can include many topics and activities the Board undertakes, and recent examples of the Friends of Parks Inc. Board advocating on behalf of Friends groups, have been migratory wader disturbance at Thompsons Beach and the International Bird Sanctuary, and ensuring mountain bike usage and trail design in Para Wirra was consistent with DEW’s park management guidelines and controls.

The Board’s connections throughout DEW is very extensive, and it is through this network that the Board is able to engage other Government agencies and Ministers on issues which reflect its constitutional objectives.   

Having said that the Board is very aware that there needs to be simple rules in place that govern how it goes about doing this, thereby ensuring that trust and integrity is maintain with all parties involved. 

So to this end then, the Board is clear what it won’t be responding to;-

  • Any issue or/and topic, that is unrelated to a member group (or individual on behalf of a member group) and the Friends of Parks Inc. Constitution and objectives 
  • Any issue or/and topic that is interstate or international
  • Personal opinion/viewpoints/defaming/hearsay or …
  • (Political) party politics and/or policies  

The process of seeking the Board’s support is quite simple and straightforward. 

An information sheet and Board template can be found below, which groups can complete and table to the Board for further discussion and/or action.

Advocacy information and template