SSAA Conservation & Wildlife Management (SA) Inc.

We offer a voluntary service to any group with a feral and pest animal control issue. We are are recognised by DEWNR and endorsed by South Australian Police (SAPOL). Whether you require our services or are interested in becoming a member contact us for a consultation.

About Us

The Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia’s Conservation & Wildlife Management (SA) Inc. Branch (C&WM) (formerly the Hunting & Conservation Branch) is a volunteer organisation established in 1992. Through undertaking feral and pest animal control programs we have contributed to the restoration and preservation of Australia’s stressed ecosystems. We assist public and private land-managers by providing a species specific, no cost option for removing predators, pests and problem animals. We also contribute to wildlife and vegetation surveys, research, rabbit warren destruction, revegetation and restoration of historical sites.Our initial project in South Australia, and a prime example of what can be achieved by using hunting as a conservation tool, commenced in 1992. The Government of the day required assistance in controlling a dominant feral goat population in the Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges National Park, in the northern Flinders Ranges. Our work has resulted in the dramatic reduction in feral goats throughout the park, enabling ground cover and shrubs to regenerate, waterholes to remain clean and Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby populations to recover.

The continued cooperation between the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) and C&WM has resulted in us being heavily involved in the ‘Bounceback’ program and similar initiatives in National Parks as well as public and private lands throughout the state.

We are an active member of the Friends of Parks as well as having an association with; the Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby Preservation Association, Nature Foundation SA, Conservation Volunteers Australia, Birdlife Australia, Bush Heritage Australia, and Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

How the system operates

As a land-manager, if you have a feral or pest animal population you want controlled on your property, you would make contact with our Branch outlining; the issue, species of concern, approximate numbers, location and any other relevant information.C&WM will assess the situation and discuss with you the various approaches that could be applied. Any issues, concerns or instruction about how the activity is to be undertaken from both parties can be addressed. The destruction of any native wildlife must be undertaken in accordance with any guidelines or codes stipulated by DEWNR, with the appropriate permits obtained (where required).

An Activity Coordinator will be appointed to progress the project and ensure all parties agree on the suitable outcomes. Once the project has been endorsed their role will be to liaise with you and determine a suitable approach and timeframe to address the problem. An experienced and fully accredited team (minimum of 2 members) will undertake the activity to achieve the desired outcomes.

Members on the activity act as a self-contained, cohesive body that is responsible for its own transport, food, water, shelter and communication needs. However, local assistance is always welcomed for prolonged stays.

Each activity is followed by a debriefing and completion of an Activity Report for accumulation of data and performance feedback. A copy of this report is provided to the Branch as well as the land-manager.

C & W M team members

Members are bound by the organisation’s ethics and behavioural guidelines. Prior to participating in control programs team members must have successfully passed an assessment process involving a full day theory course, as well as practical firearms handling and marksmanship. This is followed by participating in at least one supervised field activity. Activity Coordinators and Team Leaders also undergo further training and accreditation.Our courses are recognised by DEWNR and endorsed by the South Australian Police, enabling members to participate in coordinated animal control activities in National Parks as well as on other public and private lands throughout the state. This accreditation enables our members to hold a specific purpose of use category on their firearms licence, specifically crea ted by the South Australian Police for these coordinated activities.

Our accredited members hold a $20 M Public Liability Insurance cover for approved Branch activities.

As activities may be undertaken in very remote and rugged locations, membership standards and training cover a wide range of specialised and relevant topics.

If you could benefit from our volunteer services or would like further information, please contact us.