Sixth Creek Catchment Group Inc.

The Sixth Creek Catchment Group Inc was incorporated in 1999 and has actively worked since then as a group of volunteers with the following objectives as stated in our Constitution

  1. To identify the physical and biological assets of the Area
  2. To identify unsustainable land and water management practices in the Area
  3. To facilitate co-operation among the various statutory bodies, community groups and landholders whose activities impact of the ecological systems of the Sixth Creek Catchment Area
  4. To promote sound management by education and the sharing of information and to by carrying out rehabilitation and conservation work on private and public land.

Our management Committee meets monthly and we currently have approximately 40 volunteers who work at working bees on our individual Worksites. Last year the volunteers contributed  916 hours maintaining and revegetating the Sixth Creek Riparian Zone and managing contractors.

Although initially the Group was directly funded by Government we now completely rely on successful grant application and donations to fund our projects.

Our focus now is Re-establishing Biodiversity  in Sustainable Riparian Habitats of the Sixth Creek

We have three worksites :

  • Merchants Road Riparian Zone in Basket Range
  • Burdetts Scrub Fire Recovery Project
  • Lower Sixth Creek Project (Corkscrew Road)

Burdetts Scrub is part of the Kenneth Stirling Group of Parks and is owned and managed by DEW through NP&WS.

Since it was burnt in the 2013 Cherryville Fire, and working in close consultation with the Park Ranger (currently Allira Taylor-Wilkins) , our Group has managed post fire recovery  of the Park taking advantage of the mass germination of weeds by immediate follow up control of broom and blackberry as well as poisoning and removal of willows in the main watercourse.