Moorook Kingston-on-Murray Community Association Inc.

The Moorook Kingston-on-Murray Community Association Inc. is a volunteer organisation who works on a range of projects that are identified within the local communities. 

Our key themes can be described as:

  • Our heritage – celebrating and remembering the past, recognising our pioneers and recording the history of the area.
  • Lifestyle – creating amenities for the community and supporting and growing social activities.
  • Recreation – establishing and maintaining recreational areas for the community.
  • Environment – protecting and advancing the unique flora and fauna of the area and establishing facilities to share and enjoy the flora, fauna and locations of the Moorook Kingston-on-Murray areas
  • Community – involving all stakeholders, working effectively with the Loxton Waikerie Council, volunteering and local fundraising.

Two of our major focus areas are the Moorook and Kingston-on-Murray Riverfronts, where we are busy developing the environmental and recreational aspects to enhance community life for locals and visitors to the town. The Committee regularly organises volunteer community working bees to carry out projects.

We also have a strong interest and some current plans for the following:

  • Yatco Lagoon - part of the SA Murray-Darling Basin
  • Loch Luna and Moorook Game Reserves - part of National Parks South Australia
  • Centenary Park - Moorook.

We are currently working on increasing our membership base. As per our Constitution, Members are either local community members (including Committee Members) or people who have a strong link to either town e.g. own property, permanent postal address, electoral roll.

We also have a community email mailing list and our own Facebook page where Committee and community information is distributed.  If you would like to join our email mailing list or become a Member, please contact Tracy Minogue via the details provided. You can click on the Facebook logo to be directed to our page.

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  • Moorook Kingston on Murray Community Association
  • Moorook Kingston on Murray Community Association
  • Moorook Kingston on Murray Community Association