Friends of Troubridge Island and Outer Yorke District Conservation Parks

Troubridge Island Conservation Park is located 63km west of Adelaide off the coast of Edithburgh. The island is only accessible by boat. Troubridge Island Conservation Park is an ideal environment for bird enthusiasts.

This fragile sand island is an important breeding area for birds and is home to a large colony of little penguins, black-faced cormorants and crested terns.

Only accessible by boat, once you've reached this peaceful island, take in its beauty by fishing or swimming along the white sandy beaches.

Hide away for a few nights in the original lighthouse keeper's cottage.

The heritage-listed cottage accommodation has all the modern conveniences you need for an idyllic escape from city life.

As the island protects nesting seabirds, the park is a prohibited area and is only accessible with a permit or with a guided tour.