Friends of Shorebirds, SE Inc.

A small team usually goes out each Wednesday. At this time of the year work is focused on ensuring the safety of beach nesting shorebirds and involves searching for nests and erecting protective fencing. To find out where and when the activity will be held please telephone our team on Tuesday evening on 0427380014.

Friends of Shorebirds, SE Inc. (FoSSE) was formed in 2005 to conduct wader and tern monitoring in south-eastern South Australia. FoSSE and the Victorian Wader Study Group (VWSG) have been closely collaborating since that time to catch and band waders.

The objectives of the group are to:

  • To protect waders and terns and their habitat.
  • To be involved with public education, research and conservation programmes.
  • To co-operate with like-minded associations to achieve the first two aims.

Primary targets for monitoring are Ruddy Turnstone and beach-nesting birds. The group contributes to monitoring of terns, shorebirds and wader populations in the region.

FoSSE is also heavily involved with protecting beach nesting species of both waders and terns, which includes contributing to the Hooded Plover program.

Satellite tracking of Grey Plover has been one of FoSSE’s specialist research projects in the Gulf of St Vincent.

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