Friends of Parks Kangaroo Island Western Districts

Friends of Parks Kangaroo Island Western districts is a group of volunteers dedicated to making a real difference in the parks and reserves on the wild western end of Kangaroo Island.

We consider ourselves very lucky – our playground covers the famous and beautiful Flinders Chase National Park, but also includes 7 other wilderness protection areas and conservation parks - all up around 90000 hectares. The western end of KI is the least developed part of the island and therefore the least damaged ecologically, and contains many of the island’s famous natural attractions.

Our group holds monthly working bees, involving a number of long-term projects, but also some one-off courses and projects. Everyone is welcome to attend our working bees.

We will share information and photos about our activities via our Facebook page, but really the best way to learn about what we do is to come along, join in, and be part of our community! Our working bees are friendly and informal, but make a real difference to our parks and reserves.

Picture Gallery

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