Friends of Cobbler Creek Recreation Park

The Friends of Cobbler Creek [known as the FOCCers!] have regular working bees - in an effort to combat weeds - and some dedicated members have partially restored one of the ruins

  • Friends of Cobbler Creek was formed in 1990 with some of the original members having campaigned for the conservation of the area for many years.
  • The birds on the logo are White-browed babblers which have not been sighted since a serious park fire some years ago.
  • FOCC working bees are held monthly and one of these is an annual ‘Boxing Up’ [filling boxes with soil] day held to assist Trees For Life.
  • Three bridges, built in 2007, have been named after past and present FOCC members in recognition of the contribution of the Carter, Mellor and Taylor families to the park.
  • Park furniture - built by the FOCCers - has been installed in various locations. The Mitchell picnic setting is situated close to the eastern entrance to the park and is named in recognition of the work of FOCC Past President, David Mitchell and his wife, Margie.
  • One of the shared use trails has been named the ‘Kafnarfa’ Circuit after FOCC member Kathie Seager and her late husband, Arthur - who was a FOCC Past President and also a keen cyclist.
  • Cobbler Creek is believed to derive its name from a shoemaker (cobbler), William Pedler, whose property “Trevalsa” was situated on the flatter western section of the park near the intersection of the Grove Way with Bridge Road. A plaque now marks this site - where the Pedler family lived from 1850 – 1916.
  • On the top of Cobbler Hill sit the “Teakle’ ruins which have been partially restored by the FOCC. This property is named after its last occupants, who left the house around 1900and very little has been found about the origins of this building.
  • CCRP covers 280 hectares, approx 65% in the City of Tea Tree Gully with the remainder in the City of Salisbury andis bisected by the Grove Way at Golden Grove.
  • The main entrance – with car parking and picnic facilities – is on Smith Road at Salisbury East. Three entrance gates – with limited parking – can be found along the Grove Way ‘up track’ [from Bridge Road] and another gate is located on the opposite side of the road at the top of the Grove Way.
  • Public transport - via bus – from the city terminates at the Golden Grove Shopping Centre and the CCRP entrance [at the top of the Grove Way] is about a ten minute walk away.
  • Major problems in the park, apart from water quality, are weeds (olives, coolatai grass, artichokes, nightshade, brambles, horehound), rabbits, vandalism and occasional fires.

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