Butterfly Conservation SA Inc.

Butterfly Conservation SA was established in 1998 with a commitment to reintroduce butterflies to habitats where they previously existed. Since that time our aims have broadened to include other invertebrates and their impact on the ecosystem by using the iconic “butterfly” as a means of capturing attention.

Through provision of resources, talks by members, displays and activities, we aim to improve community understanding of the “little things” and their place in the environment, not just the iconic species.


Our high quality resources increase community understanding of, and participation in promoting conservation of South Australian butterflies, their habitat and re-introduction into regions where they previously existed. These include:

  • A comprehensive website www.butterflygardening.net.au
  • The production of our book “Attracting butterflies to your garden” which is widely on sale in bookshops, shortly to be joined by a companion book on moths.
  • Powerpoint presentation suitable for members to talk to community groups and schools including the “Butterfly Challenge” introduced in May 2009.
  • Display material including posters, information sheets, specimens of plants and butterflies (both live and mounted) for use at gardening displays.
  • 2 Poster sets “Common moths of the Adelaide Region” and “Spiders and their allies of the Adelaide Region” free to schools and also sell them to the public.
  • 50 different plant tags, suitable for nurseries and school display gardens.
  • Butterfly Site Sign. We now have 65 registered ‘Butterfly Site’ participants where display of a sign demonstrates their involvement and commitment to butterfly gardening.
  • A 12 page newsletter 4 times per year, including articles and scientific studies on butterflies and other invertebrates.


BCSA’s first activity was to partner with the SA Museum to provide information and images to mount an exhibition, “Where have all the butterflies gone?” culminating in a campaign by BCSA to “Bring the butterflies back to Adelaide”. A second exhibition at the South Australian Museum “Bringing back the butterflies” had attendance of 29,000. Our active program of displays, talks, field trips and provision of advice to various groups including:

  • public displays at garden expos, fairs and shows such as the Mt.Pleasant Show and the Australian Plants Society.
  • talks to special interest adult groups including, garden clubs, Service Clube, Friends of Parks, land care, bush care and other environmental groups also to pre-schools, schools and youth groups.
  • Our five year Public Talks Program not only promotes butterflies with our ‘Butterfly of the month’ segment but also brings in wide ranging speakers on different environmental projects and interests.
  • A one day Butterfly Forum held in 2014 supported school teachers and participants in our Butterfly Site Scheme.
  • Providing advice and support to different agencies including Friends of Parks, Trees for Life, NRM Boards, local councils, NRM Education unit, Department of Environment. For example, we advised Adelaide City Council regarding management of the Adelaide parklands following rediscovery of the Chequered copper - Lucia limbaria and its host plant Oxalis perennans.
  • Holding guided field trips to conservation or revegetation areas.


Our membership fee is a low $20pa with 50% reduction for those receiving their newsletters via email. Members receive regular newsletters which include articles and scientific studies on butterflies and other invertebrates. Members also participate in excursions to places of interest and received discounts on merchandise purchased.