South Australian Herpetology Group Inc.

Key role of Member Group

To promote the study of, interest in, and conservation of reptile and frog species. This is through regular meetings, field trips and educational displays, talks with involvement with government and non-government organisations and affiliation with similar groups.

The main SAHG activities include:

  • To assist field herpetofauna research projects being undertaken by organisations and individuals, such as, monitoring Cunningham’s Skink in the Mount Lofty Region, Caroona Conservation Park, Billiatt Wilderness Protection Area and the fauna biodiversity at Pooginook Conservation Park.
  • To undertake and assist field surveys, excursions and studies to record the biodiversity occurring at South Australian locations though networks with like-minded organisations.
  • To monitor environmental issues affecting South Australian herpetofauna.
  • To provide members and the general public with the results of current research into reptile and frog species which help to identify their South Australian distribution and ecological needs.
  • To provide members with a venue to discuss husbandry ideas for the breeding, care and keeping of reptiles and frogs.
  • To provide informative information on our via our website and Facebook page

A mix of group activities are undertaken between March and November each year including:

  • afternoon 'walk & talks' in conservation parks within 2 hours of Adelaide CBD
  • weekend and week long field trips, often spent camping at a dedicated site
  • general meetings with guest speakers.

Refer to our website for our calendar of activities.

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