Friends of Kaiser Stuhl Conservation Park

The area now known as Kaiserstuhl Conservation Park belonged to the Pohlner family from 1873 before becoming a Conservation Park in 1979. It is the core of the important Kaiserstuhl biodiversity area in the Barossa Ranges and helps to protect the headwaters of Tanunda creek, one of the main North Para River tributaries.

The Friends of Kaiserstuhl Conservation Park was founded on the 29th March 1990 by a band of enthusiastic conservationists, with the aim of protecting and enhancing the diverse native flora and fauna of the Park. This year our Group is celebrating its 26th Anniversary with several of the foundation members still active in the group.

The main emphasis for our Group over the years has been the protection of the conservation values of the Park and, in more recent years, the adjoining Native Forest Reserve. This has included:

  • Ongoing weed control and mapping, including applying for and succeeding in winning grants from various State and Federal Government Departments for contractor assistance.
  • Successful application for awards based on the work done in the Park by the Group, including for school student and public education.
  • Water quality monitoring of the creeks for water quality testing and lobbying to improve Tanunda Creek’s water quality.
  • Liaison with the local Natural Resource Management (NRM) Board to get assistance for maintaining the biodiversity of the Park, Native Forest Reserve and the important roadside native vegetation linkages in the vicinity of the Park.
  • Flora and fauna surveys.

The Friends Group hold regular meetings and working bees during the year and have social outings, such as the occasional dinner and a recent visit to Yookamurra Sanctuary. We are excited to have welcomed 3 new younger members to our ageing group this year and they are all keen working bee and meeting attendees