Anstey Hill Trail Crew

The Anstey's Hill Trail Crew (AHTC) maintain and repair walking and mountain bike tracks within the Recreation Park. Currently this includes the removal of fallen trees, repairing drainage issues to decrease environmental impact, mechanical removal of invasive flora species, repair of trail surfaces to maintain safety and trail feature development to keep trail users engaged.

AHTC also perform trail audits to ensure the grades of trails are in line with Australian standards, in particular the difficulty of mountain biking trails. Historically mountain bikers have been viewed as a nuisance due to the unauthorised development of trails on parks, however AHTC majority members are cyclists with the goal to display our consideration for environmental impact, responsibility for invasive species control and maintenance of the trail system. Members are carefully selected to ensure their intentions align with the AHTC.

Section 3.4 of the Friends of Parks Inc. constitution particularly resonates with AHTC as the main objective of this group is to build a responsible social community that will maintain networks and assist in increasing awareness, support and enjoyment of the trail networks while working with other Friends groups when possible.